Who are our students?

Sana Asghar, second year student

It always amazes the team to hear about the journeys students have undertaken to get to their goal of becoming a student on the BSc programme. Many of our students are mature and have had to make many sacrifices to achieve their dream, such as giving up paid employment and a comfortable lifestyle. But the younger students don’t all have it so easy .

Second year Bolton Royal student Sana Asghar thought you might be interested to hear about the twists and turns that brought her to Salford; we think you’ll find it interesting too.

“I was born in Holland but when I turned 2 years old, my mom moved to Pakistan with my siblings. I lived there for 10 years. I studied there and was the top student who always achieved a first in everything. I was always involved with extra activities at school too.

However, when I was about 13 years old my mother moved with me to England from Pakistan. I only knew very little English and struggled to understand people as the accent was very difficult. As always, being the top student in every year at school, I wanted to continue doing well in my studies. However, because of the language barrier I had a hard time at school. But I was determined and didn’t want to give up.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/jakerust/16846023595I learned English at home through the computer and observed how people talk here. In few months I started to speak good English. It increased my confidence and I completed GCSEs with A and B’s. Then, I studied A levels at college in biology, maths and psychology and got A* A and a B. I am proud of my achievements and my commitment to continue doing my best as it led me to studying diagnostic radiography and I see a bright future for me ahead.

Diagnostic radiography is a unique course. It has many benefits like putting theory into practice due to it having 50% of placement throughout the course. This was a completely new experience for me. Placement has helped me understand the knowledge learned from lectures and PBL as well as developing me as a person. I have become a more sincere and empathetic person. I acknowledge others feelings and emotions more than I used to. I have also noticed my time management and communication skills have improved further from being a university student.

My course mates include individuals from different backgrounds and age groups which means you can learn from their experiences and appreciate diversity. Moreover, radiography has good job prospects and many more opportunities after becoming a radiographer. I would strongly recommend diagnostic radiography.

thumbI am thankful to this country for giving me so much knowledge and opportunities”.



It would be lovely to hear from our other students, what brought you here and what are the challenges you have had to overcome? What are you most looking forward to when you qualify?

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