Abstracts accepted


conference 2The radiography academics and their research teams will be active this summer. The following abstracts have been accepted at Symposium Mammographicum (Liverpool 3rd-5th July) and UKRC (6th-8th June):

Symposium Mammographicum

  • Technical assessment of a novel compression paddle – impact on technical performance (Katy Szczepura, Will Mairs, Catherine Taylor, Claire Mercer)
  • Introducing @WeMammographers into the mammography community has been successful.  (Cathy Hill, Claire Mercer)
  • The detection of visual blurring in 1MP and 5MP monitors within mammography clinical practice (Lyndsay Kinnear, Claire Mercer)
  • Pressure based mammographic compression: a feasibility study to determine operational level(s) (Claire Mercer, Claudia Reis, Katy Szczepura, Peter Hogg)
  • Word of Mouth Mammogram e-Network (WOMMeN) hub: a Social Media enabled client and practitioner collaboration (Leslie Robinson, Alex Fenton, Adam Galpin, Marie Griffiths, Cathy Hill, Claire Mercer, Jo Meredith, Bev Scragg, Shaheeda Shaikh, Geralding Shires, Julie Stein Hodgins, Cathy Ure, Julie Wray, Jo Taylor)
  • A mammographer-led online information service for clients invited for breast cancer screening: exploring the professional’s perspective (Cathy Hill, Leslie Robinson, Marie Griffiths, Claire Mercer, Bev Scragg, Shaheeda Shaikh, Geraldine Shires, Julie Stein Hodgins, Jo Taylor, Cathy Ure, Julie Wray)
  • Mixed messages – an audit of NHS Trust policies regarding use of Social Media (Bev Scragg, Shaheeda Shaikh, Leslie Robinson)
  • Comparison of 2.3 & 5 mega pixel (MP) resolution monitors when detecting mammography image blurring (Rita Borgan, Wang Kei, Rob Aspin, Sara Millington, Judith Kelly, Bev Hilton, Peter Hogg)


  • Introducing @WeMammographers into the mammography community has been successful.  (Cathy Hill, Claire Mercer)


Let Leslie Robinson know if you have had any abstracts or papers accepted and we tell everyone about it


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