Goodbye and Hello!

Warmest wishes are sent to our recently retired colleague, Annie Sykes. Annie has been at the university for sixteen and a half years during which time she has been a great source of knowledge, guidance and support to our students. She has worked on a wide range of programmes including the BSc Diagnostic Radiography Porgramme, MSc Advanced Medical Imaging and the AAA screening programme.  In the early 2000’s she was programme leader for the innovative BSc in Applied Medical Imaging which developed students for a range of imaging-related careers such as applications, sales and marketing. She has also been Associate Head of School for 5 years and held an 18 month secondment as project co-ordinator of a national DoH project

In recent years, Annie edited the hugely successful Radiography Newsletter. Produced on a quarterly basis, the newsletter has been circulated widely to those with an interest in the activities of the Salford radiography directorate. With some trepidation (because I’m aware that this is tough act to follow) I have volunteered to take over as newsletter editor.

I am going to try something a little different though! than producing a ‘conventional’ newsletter I’m rather excited to be bringing my interest in social media to the role. Radiography news will therefore be shared with our stakeholders in the form of regular (weekly?) bite-size blog posts. This will ensure the information you receive is timely and will also be small enough for you to dip into when you have a spare few minutes.  Importantly though, social media allows you to ‘share’. This means you can share these blogs on your own social networks (and I’d be really grateful if you do!) and you will also have the opportunity to share your responses to the posts by replying back to us.

I hope these features will build on Annie’s great work and create a space where we can develop stronger networks with all our stakeholders. If you have any comments or ideas for blogs I’d love to hear them. We’d particularly like to hear stories about how and why you’re involved in radiography and Salford as you can see from second year student Sana Asghar’s blog.

In the meantime we wish Annie all the best and a happy retirement with her husband Nigel. Annie has been a super colleague and a special personal friend. Annie, you will be greatly missed.

Leslie and Annie
Editors present and past: Leslie Robinson and Annie Sykes

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