Graduate Michelle makes us proud

We are extremely proud of the high quality graduates Salford produces and it’s great when we see them return to one of our post graduate programmes. It’s particularly rewarding when we see our graduates developing leadership skills and putting these into practice to influence and make a difference. We were therefore delighted to hear about the work of Michelle Nelson who graduated from Salford in 2011.

Michelle has been working in Singapore since leaving us and it’s a very different world to that in which she trained in the UK.  There is a hierarchical culture to living and working in Singapore which doesn’t really credit radiographers who largely work under instruction of their senior staff (senior because they are older/worked there longer) and other clinicians but Michelle has been recognised for her professionalism and her drive for encouraging change without upsetting her peers.

Michelle 1She has been campaigning to get staff using the HBL technique for demonstration of fractured neck of femur since she started working in Singapore, as the routine was to do a turned oblique.  She has spoken at hospital manager/consultant meetings and had a hip box created but still came up against a lot of resistance. Recently, however, Michelle had the satisfaction of having the protocol changed; this is something that no other ‘foreign’ person has managed before!  The education program is changing to become a graduate level course and Michelle has now been asked to act as clinical tutor for her department.

As well as this, she heads up the quality team. This is a role she has really struggled with due to a working culture with anxieties about exposing errors for analysis.  She has been trying very hard to address this and is about to present for the quality team at the Singapore congress.

You can see Michelle’s profile here 

Michelle told me:

“Coming to Singapore and working abroad has really opened my eyes to see how great my training was at Salford.  I think as UK students we take it for granted that we really are taught at such a high level.  I wanted to mention University of Salford on the Singapore Congress as I’m really proud of it!”

Well done, Michelle, we wish you well.


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