DIRP Seminars

The Diagnostic Imaging Research Programme holds regular research seminars which are open to all and free to attend. The seminars aim to showcase our work, disseminate our findings, generate further collaboration and encourage feedback from people who we hope will be able to use our research findings in their practice. The seminars are usually held in the early evening to enable practitioners to attend. Look out for the dates of up-coming seminars on these blogs.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radiation_protection#Principles_of_radiation_protectionDirect X-Radiation Dose Measurements in Human Phantoms

On Friday afternoon 1st April we held a very successful seminar about direct radiation dose measurements using electrical and TLD detection methods. For the first time this seminar was entirely delivered by our full time PhD students. Mohamed Benhalim and Raed Ali are both third year PhD students and between them they delivered 3 hours’ worth of lectures on how to make measurements and minimise error. Raed also present extracts from his thesis about lifetime effective risk from screening mammography. The seminar was chaired by Andrew Tootell.



Pressure mappingProposed seminar in August or September 2016 – pressure ulcers in imaging and therapy

Seth Angmorterh is another full time PhD in his third year. Seth is investigating the potential of developing pressures because of lying on surfaces as part of imaging and radiotherapy examinations.  He is using pressure mapping technology to assess interface pressures between the imaging surface and the body in the lying position. Our intention is to run a research seminar one evening either in August or early September in 2016 about the findings of Seth’s study and also background information on pressure ulcers per se. We anticipate this will be an interesting research seminar which could have value within imaging and radiotherapy departments.


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