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Third year student Hannah Kearsley has taken to Twitter to enhance her learning and professional networking. In fact her engagement has been so awesome she was recently highlighted as a ‘top mentioned tweeter’ in March’s #medradjclub

Here Hannah tells us why she believes Twitter is an important tool for students and qualified radiographers alike.

My use of twitter as a radiography student

I started using twitter in January 2010; however I never really understood the purpose of it until I was informed that my programme had set up a page for Salford radiography students @salfordrads. Using this tag in my tweets allows me to communicate with my lecturers and enables me to get involved in more extra-curricular activities. It is also a great way to get noticed by future employers.

Hannah 1.png

I enjoy using twitter as it allows me to communicate with radiographers all around the world. I recently participated in the monthly #MedRadJClub exploring the transition from student to practitioner; myself and Leslie Robinson were noticed as the top tweeters during this chat!

Hannah 2.png

Using twitter helps my professional development in a variety of ways. It allows me to share my experiences as a student radiographer and learn from many others. I can also keep up to date with what is happening at University, within the NHS or at my placement hospital; this information can help me to stand out at interviews for my first job. It also allows me to reflect on previous experiences and notice how far I have come as a student radiographer in such a short space of time.

I would recommend twitter to any student or healthcare professional. It is a great way to improve and share your experiences within your profession and across other allied health professions. It enables you to get noticed by future employers and it also gives you the opportunity to get involved in research. I will continue to use twitter after I have graduated to stay connected with my university lecturers, course mates and all other professionals.

Hannah 3.png

If you haven’t started using Twitter or are anxious about Social Media more generally, do be aware that the Society of Radiographers encourages its use as a professional tool of communication. The Society and College has it’s own Twitter account which you can follow @SCoRMembers. The Society has also created a set of clear guidelines to help you get started.


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