You’re in safe hands!

Health and SafetyThe School of Health Science recently underwent a Health and Safety audit and received an an outcome of ‘Good’, moving up from ‘satisfactory’ at the last audit. We are expected to progress to ‘excellent’ next time!

And this is not without a considerable input from some dedicated staff in radiography. Julie Nightingale, Director, extends a huge thank you to Andrew Tootell and Chris Beaumont, who between them were superstars of the ‘tight ship’ and Health and Safety paperwork world! The auditor was very impressed!

Here is the excerpt from the H&S report about the Sue Hall Imaging Facility:

Radiography Suite

There is an excellent standard of documentation, including assessments and student inductions, in the radiography suite located in MSG07 Mary Seacole Building. This area houses two x-ray rooms and a CT Scanner room. These are locally monitored by Andrew Tootell who is the designated Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS). The Department has access to A Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) who is located at the Christie NHS Foundation Trust, who also inspects and maintains equipment annually. All results are reviewed by Professor Julie Nightingale Director of Radiography and OT.

Training for Lecturers and Technicians is ongoing due to the nature of the hazards and risks, and Certificates are displayed in the Radiography suite. All students are inducted and also complete an online test of local rules.

Since the previous audit additional equipment has enabled areas to be set up for training of dental students/nurses for which safe systems of work and assessments have been developed.


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