Power of the patient voice: co-design

One of our final year PhD students, Sam Bird, has been awarded £125 from the University of Salford Post Graduate Conference Support Fund to present at the UKRC in Liverpool in June.

Sam Bird, PhD student

Sam, an engineer by background, is being supervised by Dr Leslie Robinson and Prof Peter Hogg. Her research investigates the perspectives of mammographers and service-users working together to co-create mammography equipment.

This extremely interesting qualitative project examines current ideas related to patient empowerment and explores the opportunities for patients and practitioners to work together in different ways. Further details, can be found in the following UKRC presentation abstract:


“Women’s perspectives of Experience-Based CoDesign – towards an improved experience of mammography

Experience-Based CoDesign (EBCD) is a design process used within the NHS to empower staff and service-users to discuss experiences and develop services or products (Bate & Robert, 2007). The EBCD process has been applied to the development of a more woman friendly mammography machine. The aim of the study was to explore participants experiences in order to suggest strengths and weaknesses of the EBCD process when applied to medical equipment.

The presentation will outline the process of EBCD undertaken and the qualitative methodological approach to exploring women’s perceptions of EBCD. Slides will be used to disseminate the findings of semi-structured interviews conducted with EBCD group members, 6 mammographic practitioners and 6 mammography screening clients.

The findings have highlighted a number of themes emphasising what the women in the group felt they learnt. Mammographers felt they had become more tolerant and sympathetic towards the client through hearing their experiences. Clients found they learnt about the operation and function of mammography machines and were shocked by the issues practitioners encountered. Clients and mammographers both believed they would approach mammography differently in the future, through an improved understanding of the other’s experience.

This study has also highlighted the importance of frontline NHS staff and patients discussing their experiences. The findings of this study suggest the use of forum or online spaces where clients and mammographers share experiences which may help to build relationships based on beginning to see under the other’s perspective.”

Sam will have to work hard for her award because after the conference she will be expected to report on what she has learned, impact of her work on conference attendees including potential commercial opportunities, any contacts she has made and inspiration for further writing. I’ll be expecting a report for blog at least, Sam!

thumbGood luck!

Sam will be presenting on the 8th of June at 10.30 so if you get chance do go along and support her.


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