Power of the patient voice: education

I think we would all agree that it’s extremely important to ensure patients have a strong voice in helping us to develop the radiographers of the future. This message is heard loud and clear in all the current NHS strategies related to service delivery and health care education.

We are therefore delighted to tell you about our newly convened expert patient group.

The group’s role will be to help us include a stronger patient perspective in all we do; especially teaching, learning, assessment and programme design.

We’ve already put the group to work helping us review and re-design the undergraduate programme so we’d like to thank all group members for sharing their experiences, giving up their valuable time and coming up with many interesting ideas.

Patient group.png
Some of the members of the Expert Patient Group

Thanks to you all: Jackie and Keith Brookes; Sue and Alan Cronshaw; Royston Futter; Sheila and Jack Mayall; and Annie Sykes (yes, this our Annie – promoted now to the more important role of patient).

We look forward to working with you further in the months to come.






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