Bidding and grants

Bidding for grants is one of the most time-consuming and competitive things we need to do as researchers – but do it we must!  Without funding we can’t progress the important research ideas we’ve started to develop. Funding pays for all sorts of things such as data collection equipment, paying participant expenses and funding research assistants.

Pat Thomson, Professor of Education in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham, UK has written a tongue in cheek blog entitled how to make sure your research funding bid is rejected . Whilst this offers an amusing diversion, (go on – read it, it’s very funny) there are some salient points for anyone trying to get money from a committee of funders.

So how are we doing at Salford this year?


  • Dr John Thompson has one won a grant of £5k from the Radiological Research Trust.It is to support a study of lesion detection in mammography under the following conditions:
    • 1) Early morning evaluation
    • 2) Late morning evaluation (fatigued)
    • 3) Early morning evaluation with visual acuity artificially reduced with lensesWe know that fatigue can impact on lesion detection but we do not know the impact of reduced visual acuity (as would happen with age), so John aims to compare the three conditions
  • Dr Leslie Robinson has won internal university funding through the university’s Research Impact Grant to recruit a digital marketing expert who will promote the WoMMeN breast screening hub
Have you got them crossed?

Fingers-crossed stage…

  • Dr Andrew England has moved to a second stage of National Institute of Health Research grant application
  • …so has Dr Gillian Crofts
  • A number of the team have submitted one ERAMUS Plus application with seven European partners.
  • Katy Szczepura has been accepted to the second round for a Cancer Research UK grant



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