Radiography staff successes

Last month we reported the success of Andrew Tootell in being awarded the Vice Chancellors Distinguished Teaching Award. Well we’ve had more staff successes to celebrate which we’d love to share with you if you’ll allow us a little self-indulgence:


MA with Distinction

Joanne Ashworth was awarded her MA (with distinction) Clinical Education, awarded by Edge Hill University. This supports her role as one of the key lecturers supporting the clinical learning of students at the university.

ClairePg Certificate in Academic Practice

Claire Mercer successfully completed her mandatory teaching certificate at Salford – she’s now a fully fledged, authentic lecturer. Welcome to profession!


Leslie Robinson and Claire Mercer were awarded highly commended presentation and first prize (poster), respectively, for their work at the 2016 Symposium Mammographicum, Liverpool (listed below).

Jo4 star paper

The School of Health sciences Research Outputs Monitoring and Evaluation committee sat on 28th April. The committee’s purpose is to assess the quality of all journal papers published by staff within our School; assessment is against REF criteria. Jo Coward’s paper “Multicentre analysis of incidental findings on low-resolution CT attenuation correction images: an extended” study scored top marks (4*). This paper is the second paper which Jo Coward has published into the British Journal of Radiology (BJR):


Radiography staff at Salford and their collaborators have been busy contributing to the body of knowledge and evidence that supports the discipline of radiography:

Thompson John, D., Thomas. Nigel B, et al. “The impact of greyscale inversion for nodule detection in an anthropomorphic chest phantom: a free-response observer study.” The British Journal of Radiology 89(1064): 20160249.

Mraity, H. A. A. B., A. England, et al. “Gonad dose in AP pelvis radiography: Impact of anode heel orientation.” Radiography.

Ekpo EU1, Bakhshi S, Ryan E, Hogg P, McEntee MF. “Operator eye doses during computed tomography fluoroscopic lung biopsy” J Radiol Prot. 2016 Jun;36(2):290-8. doi: 10.1088/0952-4746/36/2/290. Epub 2016 Jun 2.

Szczepura, K., Mairs, W., Taylor, C., Mercer, C.E. (2016). “Technical assessment of a novel compression paddle – impact on technical performance” Symposium Mammographicum, Liverpool.

Mercer, C.E., Reis, C., Szczepura, K., Hogg, P. (2016). “Pressure based mammography compression: a feasibility study to determine operational level(s)”. Symposium Mammographicum, Liverpool.

Kinnear, L., Mercer, C.E. (2016). “The detection of visual blurring in IMP and 5MP monitors within mammography clinical practice”.Symposium Mammographicum, Liverpool.

Jefford, L., Mercer, C.E. (2016). “Incorporating a same day stereotactic breast biopsy service within a mammography assessment clinic”.Symposium Mammographicum, Liverpool.

Hill, C., Mercer, C.E. (2016). “Introducing @WeMammographers into the mammography community”.Symposium Mammographicum, Liverpool. (First Prize)

Robinson, L., Hill, C., Griffiths, M., Mercer, J., Scragg, B., Shaikh, S., Shires, G., Hodgins, J., Taylor, J., Ure, C., Wray, J. (2016). “A mammographer-led online information service for clients invited for breast cancer”. Symposium Mammographicum, Liverpool

Scragg, B., Shaikh, S., Robinson, L. (2016) “Mixed messages – an audit of NHS Trust policies regarding use of Social Media” Symposium Mammographicum, Liverpool

Robinson, L., Fenton, A., Galpin, A., et al (2016) “Word of Mouth Mammogram e-Network (WOMMeN) hub: a Social Media enabled client and practitioner collaboration” Symposium Mammographicum, Liverpool (Highly Commended)


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