Symposium mammographicum: a triumph

Symposium mammographicum: Claire Mercer

My very first Symposium Mammographicum conference was in 2000 when I was a trainee mammographer. Since that date, every 2 years, I have presented a poster, had proffered papers or been an invited speaker within this international conference.

The conference is an excellent way to catch up with mammography and physics colleagues, keep updated with new technologies and, of course, meet with researchers to develop new projects and collaborations.

Claire symposiumFirst Prize Poster

During this year’s Symposium in Liverpool I presented 6 posters with colleagues. Our poster introducing our twitter page @WeMammographers won first prize in the poster competition and I am very proud that 2 of the posters were work from Salford’s most recent cohort of mammographers 2014-2015. Promoting students work and encouraging them to present at conferences is something that I am passionate about and will continue to develop into the future. It was very interesting to see that the other UK training centres had an exhibitors stand and this is definitely on the top of my ‘to do list’ for Salford in 2018


From my perspective, the key highlights from the conference:

  • Watching an assistance practitioner present about her professional development with a tangible passion about her role. I feel that assistant practitioners should have their own proffered paper break out session in 2018 and I will be engaging with the organising committee about this.
  • Engaging with other trainers and discuss activities for strengthening future teaching and education.
  • Attending multiple meetings with both companies and professionals to engage in new research activities and strengthen current ongoing activities.
  • Burning out my ‘fit-bit’ step monitor app – I have no idea how many steps I did overall but the whole app failed on me – I’m guessing I walked a lot!!

Overall this was an engaging and fulfilling conference and I have come away with new contacts and lots of work to do! Here’s to 2018

Symposium mammographicum: Leslie Robinson

Leslie Cert.jpgUnlike Claire, this was my first attendance and I wasn’t disappointed. It somehow managed to appeal to the wide ranging audience of practitioners from all four tiers, researchers, and radiologists. The speakers came from all these groups. The poster section was superb and to top it all, I was delighted to find that my own presentation on the WoMMen breast screening hub was highly commended.

For me, though, most anticipated was the session about the benefits and harms of breast screening delivered by a panel of world-renowned experts in the field. I was hungry for information to put onto the WoMMeN hub. I therefore tried to listen to the speakers as a member of the public would; what information would I find useful to help me understand breast screening?

Read how I got on here

Posters presented from Salford this year – click on the links to view the posters

  • Szczepura, K., Mairs, W., Taylor, C., Mercer, C.E. (2016). Technical assessment of a novel compression paddle – impact on technical performance
  • Mercer, C.E., Reis, C., Szczepura, K., Hogg, P. (2016). Pressure based mammography compression: a feasibility study to determine operational level(s).
  • Kinnear, L., Mercer, C.E. (2016). The detection of visual blurring in IMP and 5MP monitors within mammography clinical practice.
  • Jefford, L., Mercer, C.E. (2016). Incorporating a same day stereotactic breast biopsy service within a mammography assessment clinic.
  • Hill, C., Mercer, C.E. (2016). Introducing @WeMammographers into the mammography community.
  • Robinson, L., Hill, C., Griffiths, M., Mercer, J., Scragg, B., Shaikh, S., Shires, G., Hodgins, J., Taylor, J., Ure, C., Wray, J. (2016). A mammographer-led online information service for clients invited for breast cancer.
  • Scragg, B., Shaikh, S., Robinson, L. (2016) Mixed messages – an audit of NHS Trust policies regarding use of Social Media

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