Diagnostic Radiography students bid farewell

Graduation: the highlight of the year

On Thursday we will be all dressing up in our finery to formally celebrate our third years’ graduation at the wonderful Lowry Theatre at Salford Quays.

However, no matter how resplendent this annual celebration is, all in the Radiography Directorate at Salford enjoy our own informal badge ceremony a little more. This yearly tradition goes back many years and is our way of saying thank you to all who have been involved in the students’ success and to bid farewell to the students, as well as award a number of prizes and badges.

badge 2
Staff get all excited blowing up balloons and putting up banners

2016 Badge Ceremony

This year the badge ceremony was held on Friday June 10th.  Fred Murphy, programme leader had this to say

“The cohort of 2013 were thanked for their dedication to the course and in particular their extra-curricular engagements. The level of peer support throughout the programme was commendable in this cohort and they are great role models for other students.

The students made some good friends at the start of the programme and the level of peer support was very apparent. They supported and encouraged each other throughout the entire programme and some of those friendships will no doubt extend into far into their future professional and personal lives. The cohort worked extremely hard and that shows in the excellent results they achieved.

We were delighted to be able to award some prizes to the students, as follows:

  • Peer support and engagement in the programme – Hannah Kearsley
  • Cl
    badge 3.jpg
    Julia Walsh wins School prize

    inical prize (highest clinical marks) – Victoria Cowley

  • School prize (highest programme marks) – Julia Walsh

Research projects

  • Experimental project – David Tomkinson
  • Systematic Review – Julia Walsh
  • Qualitative project – Victoria Cowley

The whole team wish them well and hope they will all realise their full potential in their professional careers”


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