Graduation: one student’s journey

Thursday saw our wonderful 3rd years celebrate 3 years of hard work and success at their graduation ceremony.

One student, Omid Behi BSc (Hons), reflects below on the wider issues that have impacted his journey during those three years and the value of cohort friendships and support.

Graduation 2
2016 graduates from the BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography Programme (Omid is front left)

My journey through the course has been a fantastic experience during a challenging period in my life. As a mature student who graduated from my first degree in 2008, I found that the new responsibilities that accompany life have made these last three years especially rewarding, with numerous doors opening.

I have found that seeing the various aspects of my life as a cohesive whole has helped me walk down different avenues in a coherent way rather than allowing them to become a burden. Of course, at times certain things take up more of our attention, and rightly so – during a busy exam period, for example. But my wife, Amy and I have other interests and passions too, for example, contributing to the betterment of our local community by working with young people and local kids in Chester to help them make simple but meaningful contributions to their own neighbourhoods.

Omid photo
One of Omid and Amy’s wedding photos (incidentally, Amy took the graduation image above too!)

Since 2014, we have also been building up a wedding photography business which has been delicately balanced with getting the desired results on the course. Amazingly, although not entirely surprisingly, hard work pays off! The wedding photography really started to take off at the end of 2015 and into this summer, and the work has taken us to Turkey, Greece, Iceland, and Switzerland – all whilst completing assignments and preparing for radiography job interviews! At the time of writing in fact, I have just completed my fourth job interview. This is because I have been waiting for the one I really wanted to come up, which it finally did – and I got offered the job!

So, at risk of stating the obvious, I think that success in our profession goes beyond studying and writing assignments or passing clinical assessments, essential as they are. A friend of mine recently wrote on Facebook,  “Having principles and knowing what you value in life – is one thing. Taking action, making difficult decisions and actually manifesting them is another thing totally.” I believe that this is key to the success of the entire cohort: demonstrating our principles by showing each other friendship, generosity, support, and encouragement, without which we would not be where we are. 

It’s always amazing to hear about the other things our students get up to. Any students reading this do get in touch with me if you want to tell us about your life outside radiography.


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