Radiography research successes

Exam success

These last few weeks we have seen an amazing run of success from our post graduate students:

Sadiq and Ali
Ahmed (left) and Sadiq who have both achieved exam success

Tracy O’Regan, Ali Mohammed and Sadeq Al-Murshedi have all passed their Interim Assessment examinations (1st stage of PhD/prof Doc)

Olanrewaju (Olan) Lawal and Ahmed Abdullah have both passed their Internal Examination (end of year two PhD).


Lucy 1
Lucy Walton

Lucy Walton, Peter Hogg and Leslie Robinson together with collaborators from Computer Science, Engineering and the Countess of Chester, submitted a grant to NIHR / i4i several months ago for approx for £1million. The grant has been successful in round 1, and the team has been invited to progress to round 2.



Emma Mcconville.jpg
Emma McConville

Emma McConville (post-graduate student Advanced Medical Imaging) August 2016. Measuring Clinical Practice. Imaging & Therapy Practice

John Thompson

J.D. Thompson  C. Lança, L. Lança P. Hogg (2016) A method to determine the impact of reduced visual function on nodule detection performance Radiography.[available at]

Andrew E
Andrew England

Chan TY, England A, Meredith SM, McWilliams RG. (2016) Radiologist variability in assessing the position of the cavoatrial junction on chest radiographs Br J Radiol. Sep; 89 (1065):20150965. doi: 10.1259/bjr.20150965. Epub 2016 Jul 12. [available at]


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