Advanced Practice: what’s that?

AMI programmeNew post-graduate students

Next week we will be welcoming more than 100 new students to the post-graduate Advanced Medical Imaging programme at Salford. This innovative programme allows practitioners to develop new skills and extend their practice in a wide range of radiological and radiographic procedures.

Wide range of options

Study options include: reporting (MSK, mammography, CT head, GI flouroscopic procedures, CTC, MR breast, GP and other non-trauma contexts); interventional procedures (breast biopsy and wire location, line insertions, cardiac stress testing); imaging procedures (swallows and VF, CTC, HSG, micturating cystogram); niche areas of ultrasound and mammography. An exhausting but not exhaustive list!

Advanced practice not just role development

More importantly, the programme aims to help students to adopt an “Advanced Practitioner” approach.¬† This means the emphasis is not just on learning the technical aspect of the role, in addition, skills such as audit, reflection, service evaluation, use and/or development of the evidence and teaching are essential features of the course.

The UK’s contribution to Advanced Practice Radiography

The UK has made a significant contribution to the development of a European model of Advanced Radiographer Practice. Our director, Julie Nightingale has co-authored an article in the which explains more…

Julie 3
Dr Julie Nightingale, Director

Nightingale J, McNulty J Advanced Practice: Maximising the potential of the modern radiographer workforce Health journal Volume 16 Issue3 2016 Best Practice

More information?

If you want to know more about the AMI programme or any of our other post-gradaute programmes (we also have Ultrasound Imaging and Nuclear Medicine) contact Leslie Robinson.

In the meantime, we look forward to working with our new students and helping them to shape and evaluate new models of service delivery in their areas of practice.


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