UPDATE: SCoR North West team award

STOP PRESS: Further to this blog…we won the UK overall prize! Bloomin’ marvelous. Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes.

Exciting News for WoMMeN

scor-team-of-yearI was extremely excited last week when I opened my post. My wonderful WoMMeN team had been awarded the Society and College of Radiographers’ team of the year for the North West region!

WoMMeN (which aptly stands for the Word of Mouth Mammogram e Network) is an  information and social media support hub for breast screening. It was designed by the WoMMeN team and members of the breast screening community.

The WoMMeN research team is truly diverse. It’s made up of university academics (from health, business and psychology); PhD students; patients and our 5 wonderful clinical practitioners, and it is these 5 who are the focus of the SCoR team award: Cathy Hill, Bev Scragg, Geraldine Shires, Julie Stein Hodgins, Shaheeda Shaikh.

5 years of IMPACT

Over 5 years the WoMMeN team have:

  • Created the WoMMeN hub
  • Created a private Face book User Research Group with over 100 practitioner and patient research collaborators
  • Had publications: a book chapter; two peer reviewed articles; articles in the professional journal Imaging and Therapy Practice; created numerous blog posts
  • Attracted significant international following to their social media accounts in Face book and Twitter (@wommen3) and are amongst the top 5 tweeters worldwide in #mammogram
  • Been featured in:
  • Had 9 national and international conference and study day presentations (3 invited)
  • Attracted £1600 internal (HEIF) and external funding (Cancer Research UK and the College of Radiographers) and reached second round of CRUK’s early diagnosis funding bid.
  • Undertaken 4 national action research workshops to explore professionals’ use of Social Media (thanks to the funding of the CoR CoRIPS industry partnership scheme).
  • Established links with other breast screening and cancer groups such as Asian Breast Cancer network (Nightingale Centre), international twitter group #BCCWW (breast cancer chat worldwide) where the WoMMeN team was invited to lead the tweet chat on 8th March 2016.

The practitioners were inexperienced in research before becoming involved in the project. As can be seen from the reference list they now have a good number of articles and presentations to their name. They also played a significant part in planning and delivering the practitioner social media workshops, analysing the data and writing the report. These have required the development of a range of new skills.

The WoMMeN team is therefore diverse and, as can be seen from the outputs, their enthusiasm and energy for the project is boundless. I have thoroughly enjoyed leading this amazing group of people who have also bonded as friends as well as colleagues.

5 years of writing and presenting

  • Robinson L., Ure C., Wray J., Griffiths M., Hill C., Shires G., Stein Hodgins J., Scragg B. (2016) Engaging “users” in service improvement using social media: an example from breast screening ECR Vienna March 2016
  • Robinson L, Griffiths M, Wray J, Ure C, Shires G, Stein-Hodgins JR, Hill C, Hilton B (2015) Preparing women for breast screening mammography: A feasibility study to determine the potential value of an on-line social network and information hub Radiography Online: July 30, 2015 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.radi.2015.07.004 21 (4) pp308-314
  • Robinson L., Griffiths M., Wray J., Ure C., Stein-Hodgins J., Shires G. The use of Digital Health Technology and Social Media to support Breast Screening in Digital Mammography: an holistic approach Eds Hogg P, Mercer C and Kelly J (March 2015) ISBN 978-3-319-04830-7
  • Robinson L., Ure C., Wray J, Griffiths M., Hill C., Shires G., Stein-Hodges J., Burke K., Hilton B. (2015) Word of Mouth Mammography e-Network (WOMMeN) project. The third National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative conference. 26/3/15- 27/15 London
  • Stein-Hodgins J., Robinson L. (2015) Peer support: the clinician’s perspective. Patients’ Clinicians Digital Interaction – Living with and beyond cancer. 23/6/15 University of Salford
  • Taylor J. (2015) Using Social Media to Support Patients: the patient’s perspective. Patients’ Clinicians Digital Interaction – Living with and beyond cancer. 23/6/15 University of Salford
  • Robinson L., Hill C., Ure C., Griffiths M., Wray J., Stein-Hodgins J., Taylor J., Shires G., Hilton B. (2015) Using Social Media within Research. Social Media for Professional Use. 24/6/15. Salford
  • Robinson L., Hill C., Ure C., Griffiths M., Wray J., Stein-Hodgins J., Taylor J., Shires G., Hilton B. (2015) e.poster UKRC 2015 Using Social Media in Research eposter 29/6/15-1/7/15. Liverpool
  • Robinson L., Hill C., Ure C., Griffiths M., Wray J., Stein-Hodgins J., Taylor J., Shires G., Hilton B. UKRC (2015) Using Twitter and other SoMe platforms within research presentation 29/6/15. Liverpool
  • Robinson L., Ure C. (2014) Word of Mouth Mammography e Network. Connected Health Ecosystems Conference 13/3/14 Manchester
  • Robinson L., Hill C., Burke K., Shires G., Stein-Hodgins J., Wray J., Ure C., Griffiths M. (2014) Word of Mouth Mammography e-Network (WOMMeN): a feasibility study. Symposium Mammographicum. 29/6/14-1/7/14 Bournemouth
  • Robinson L., Hogg P., Newton-Hughes A. (2013) The power and the pain: Mammographic compression research from the service-users’ perspective Radiography 19 (3) 190-195
  • Cathy Hill, Leslie Robinson, Marie Griffiths, Claire Mercer, Bev Scragg, Shaheeda Shaikh, Geraldine Shires, Julie Stein Hodgins, Jo Taylor, Cathy Ure, Julie Wray A mammographer-led online information service for clients invited for breast cancer screening: exploring the professional’s perspective Symposium Mammographicum Liverpool
  • Bev Scragg, Shaheeda Shaikh, Leslie Robinson Mixed messages – an audit of NHS Trust policies regarding use of Social Media Symposium Mammographicum Liverpool
  • Leslie Robinson, Alex Fenton, Adam Galpin, Marie Griffiths, Cathy Hill, Claire Mercer, Jo Meredith, Bev Scragg, Shaheeda Shaikh, Geralding Shires, Julie Stein Hodgins, Cathy Ure, Julie Wray, Jo Taylor Word of Mouth Mammogram e-Network (WOMMeN) hub: a Social Media enabled client and practitioner collaboration Symposium Mammographicum Liverpool

WoMMen facebook.pngJoin in the chat

The WoMMeN team hold regular chats on the forum and on their Facebook site. The next is on Facebook and is all about getting on-line communication right! Join us on Wednesday the 19th of October at 8pm on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BreastScreeningMammography/

Come to the seminar

wommen-seminar-adThe WoMMeN team are holding a seminar on the 27th of October. If you are local do come and join us. Register here


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy Powell says:

    What a fabulous bunch of Radiographers who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Team of the Year Awards on Nov 8th this year. I will take the liberty and opportunity to send a message from all the men in the world “THANK YOU for all your work in helping our wives/mums/girlfriends etc… to longer and safer lives”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. leslierob10 says:

      Thanks, Andy, that’s a lovely comment and means such a lot. Can I post this on the WoMMeN hub too?


  2. Shaheeda Shaikh says:

    Many thanks Andy. It was really good to meet you at the awards aswell & your keen interest in our project for the Women of the world is really appreciated! 😊


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