Preparing our bright new students for a career in radiography

Welcome to the 2016 cohort!

Thanks to our wonderful admissions team (Rob Higgins and Emma Dodd) the BSc (hons) Diagnostic Programme at Salford can’t be accused of failing to attract students. Maybe it’s our fantastic facilities or our World Class Research or maybe word has got out that our NSS scores have just gone through the roof! Whatever the reason this year was no exception and we were delighted to welcome our new 2016 cohort to the course.

Andrew EAs first year manager, Dr Andrew England relishes in his responsibility to make sure each and every one of our new students feels welcome and prepared for study.

Within our new group, there is a wonderful mixture of students: some are fresh from 6th form College; others are mature students who have not experienced higher education before, and a number already have degrees. They have also traveled various distances to get to make sure they are our course: many from the UK but others from further afield: Ireland, Europe and Malaysia!

So how do we prepare our new students?

First they are introduced to University life with relevant sessions from the library, student support services and academic tutors. They also meet the key people who will look out for them in clinical placement: our award winning clinical tutors.

Our course is distinct, in UK Radiography, for its full curriculum of Problem-Based Learning (PBL). There are lots of explanations about PBL, just Google it!, but this is one we like at Salford.  It’s really important to prepare students for this exciting and different way of studying. We therefore give them a full day training in the principles of PBL which includes students from other year group demonstrating their PBL skills in our ‘PBL fishbowl’!

As you might imagine, by the final day of the preparation week, all our new students were eager to start formal academic studies and build up to their first clinical placements. We can’t wait to see how they progress…watch this space!

If you are interested in a career in Diagnostic Radiography, and a place on the BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography programme at Salford, contact our Admissions Tutor Rob Higgins.


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  1. I think the whole team would agree that the new intake have shown great enthusiasm and commitment with lectures, skills labs and PBL which is great to see!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree Rob, a great bunch by the sounds of it – you picked well!


    1. Thanks Anonymous 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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