Salford vascular science student’s conference success

Salford University is one of two centres in England to provide MSc education for the national Scientist Training Programme (STP) for Vascular Science.

This year three Salford students presented at the national Society of Vascular Technology Annual Scientific meeting on 1 December.

John Tallamay presented the results of his study on assessment of arterial blood flow at the thoracic outlet using duplex ultrasound. Kate Houghton presented her MSc project proposal on the evaluation of the direct referral pathway of Podiatry Patients for Duplex Ultrasonography. Jodie Weston also presented her MSc project proposal, investigating the effect of local heating on cephalic vein diameters in patients being assessed for arteriovenous fistula creation.

It is great to be able to announce that for the second year running a Salford student has won the prize for best presentation from a trainee vascular scientist, which was won by Jodie this year and John last year.

Congratulations to them both and well done to all the Salford students who have presented at the conference in the last two years. This will have no doubt raised the profile of the Vascular Scientist Training Programme at Salford University.

Report provided by Abigail Thrush

Abigail is a medical physicist who supports ultrasound and vascular science programmes within the Directorate of Radiography and OT at the University of Salford


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