Radiography News

Well it’s been a while since our last post as all is very busy over the January assessment period at university. However, we haven’t let the grass grow, so to speak.

Here’s a flavour of our successes since the last blog…

PhD successes

We are pleased to announce that Raed Ali and Sam Bird have both successfully passed their PhD vivas and, subject to a few corrections to their theses, will be graduating as Doctors of Philosophy from the University of Salford shortly.

‘Dr’ Raed with his supervisory and examining team

Raed’s work was concerned with developing a new way to understand the radiation dose the breast receives during mammography, looking at lifetime risk of developing cancer as a result. This is likely to be a much easier concept for the women undergoing breast screening to understand than more standard measures of radiation dose, and will go some way to supporting patient informed choice.

‘Dr’ Sam with her supervisory and examining team

Sam has also looked at a topic that considers the user end of breast screening. She explored whether mammographers and clients could work together using Experienced Based Co Design to create new ideas for the design of mammography equipment.She showed that while this is a very worthwhile endeavour, experiential knowledge and clinical or professional knowledge are often in tension.

We are looking forward to both these works being published in the wider domain.

Research papers

The following papers have been accepted for publication

Waade GG, Moshina N, Sebuødegård S,  Hogg P,  Hofvind SBr J Radiol. (2017) Compression forces used in the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Program.eb 17:20160770. doi: 10.1259/bjr.20160770. [Epub ahead of print]

Wang Kei Ma, Rita Borgen, Judith Kelly, Sara Millington, Bev Hilton, Rob Aspin, Carla Lança, and Peter Hogg Blurred digital mammography images: an analysis of technical recall and observer detection performance The British Journal of Radiology [Published Online: January 30, 2017] 

Lawal, Olanrewaju, Murphy fred, Hogg Peter, Nightingale Julie (2017) Health Behavioural Theories and Their Application to Women’s Participation in Mammography Screening: A Narrative Review. Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences. [Published online February 08, 2017]


The OPTIMAX summer school 2016 research outputs book has now been published and can be found here . This book captures all the dose optimisation research undertaken by staff and students from Salford, and from our international partners, during the summer school held in at Salford in August last year.



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