Post-Graduate Imaging Courses

We are delighted to report that two or our most popular post-graduate courses for radiographers and others using imaging in their practice, Advanced Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, have been updated and are now ready to receive applications.  I’ll let the programme leaders tell you more…

Andrew_TootellNuclear Medicine Course, led by Andrew Tootell

“A new and innovative approach to teaching, learning and assessment”

The new programme reflects current practices in nuclear medicine by recognising the important role hybrid imaging techniques play in routine and advanced procedures. A new and innovative approach to teaching, learning and assessment will not only prepare you for practice but will also help you develop skills in research, writing and evidence based practice.

“Convert your current PgDip to an MSc”

If you already have a PGDip in nuclear medicine from Salford or another University you can register for the dissertation module to convert this to an MSc. The topic of your dissertation is negotiable, so if you have a burning issue you would like to research please contact the dissertation module leader, John Thompson.

Full details on the programme and its modules can be found here  or by contacting the programme leader, Andrew Tootell

Claire 3Advanced Medical Imaging, led by Dr Claire Mercer

“Several diverse and challenging modules to choose from”

The School of Health Sciences is helping the University of Salford celebrate its 50th Anniversary by launching an updated post-graduate programme in Advanced Medical Imaging (AMI).  There are several diverse and challenging modules to choose from, offering flexibility in study options to meet your own training whilst supporting your services requirements.

With close links to NHS Clinical Providers the Programme aims to develop qualified healthcare professionals to meet the challenges of Specialist, Advanced and Consultant Practitioners of the future within a rapidly evolving health service. Our Pathways include Mammography, Reporting in MSK, CT Head and Breast, Advanced Procedures such as Cardiac Stress, Gastrointestinal and Fluoroscopic Practice, CTC and Breast Intervention. Advanced Procedure Reporting and Extending Advanced Practice in niche Ultrasound areas such as Breast Ultrasound and Extended GP MSK Reporting.

“A fusion of work based clinical learning and academic education”

Your modules will be delivered in a fusion of work based clinical learning and academic education by a motivated and dedicated team of research active professionals. We pride ourselves on student support providing a range of formative assessment and feedback to help students maximise their potential. Students interact with the module leaders in several ways and a successful social media platform on Facebook enables useful sharing of information in an informal manner.

For further details on the Programme and individual modules please visit our website where you can download individual module flyers. For further information please do not hesitate to contact the Programme Leader Dr Claire Mercer.


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