President attends Badge Ceremony!

Badge Ceremony: a tradition

Blog written by Dr Fred Murphy, BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography Programme Leader

The Directorate were delighted to celebrate the achievements of the cohort of 2014 at the traditional Badge Ceremony on Friday June 8th 2017.  The event was led by Dr Fred Murphy, Programme leader, and there were also a few interesting guest speakers.

Professor Peter Hogg outlined the considerable achievements of the Directorate with research and the input of this cohort with publications and presentations. We know these graduates will continue to develop their research expertise within their career pathways.

Steve Herring
Steve Herring and Fred Murphy

We were particularly delighted to welcome the President of the SCoR , Mr Steve Herring, to the celebration.  Steve outlined his own career and gave the students some words of inspiration for the future.

There was plenty of humour and laughter as the students’ photographs from the first week in September, 2013, were displayed for all to see on the big screen – they haven’t changed a bit !!

Exceptional results

Lots of thanks and best wishes were read out from students and staff recognising the real team spirit that exists on the programme.   This cohort had achieved exceptionally good results with over 27 % gaining a first class degree – far exceeding the national average.

Stories and dream lovers

The story of the patient singing ‘Dream Lover’ to Aileen Gallagher while she was trying to x-ray his knee was especially funny. The song was played over and over much to the amusement of the audience and the embarrassment of poor Aileen.

There was also a tribute to Hannah’s suitcase with the following nomination put forward:

An ‘engaged’ suitcase

“I would like to nominate Hannah’s suitcase for a special attendance award. It has been to every lecture, PBL session and skills lab throughout the three years of the programme. It has never phoned in sick or arrived late. It has never fallen asleep in a lecture. Its contributions to the PBL discussions have often exceeded those of other group members. It has stood stoically beside Hannah through thick and thin and deserves recognition for this. I will definitely miss its cheery presence.”

Another story of a student being particularly strong in the clinical department was relayed to the audience. The identity of this student was of course a secret ……….but you know who you are

A ‘strong’ student


All the students were awarded their Directorate of Radiography badges and prizes were awarded to the following:

Research Prizes:  Cesar Rodriquez, Conor Boylan, Marzieth Bayatti

School Prize
Stephanie Blackledge being awarded School Prize

School Prize: Stephanie Blackledge

A special prize was awarded this year courtesy of Rothband. Paul Dixon, CEO of Rothband Ltd presented this for the best research project in the cohort to Marzieth Bayatti.

Research prize.jpg
Marzieth Bayatti receives Rothband Research Prize

Special farewells

Special thanks were extended to lecturer Christine Blakeley and Clinical Tutor Paul Rowe. It was their last Badge Ceremony and they were thanked for all the excellent work they have done for the Directorate over many years.

Fred closed the event with a reminder to all the graduands, he said:

“This is not the end but rather the beginningDon’t underestimate the power and responsibility that you now have.  Your patient must come first and your knowledge and skills will be utilised for the rest of your career in providing a high level of patient care.  It is your profession, your career, your NHS, your future.  Grasp this opportunity to shape it ! Get involved” 

Congratulations and best wishes for the future to the cohort of 2014.  We shall miss them all but we know they will be very competent, caring and leading radiographers of the future.

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