James Robinson, remembered

Fred Murphy, BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography programme leader, writes fondly of James Robinson, one of our first years students, who sadly passed away this year.

James Robinson Family
James’s  family receiving his posthumous award

It was with great shock and sadness that we were informed of the death of one of our students earlier in the year.   It was therefore a very proud moment for his family to be awarded a posthumous award at the University of Salford, Graduation Ceremony.

James Robinson joined the Diagnostic Radiography degree programme in September, 2015.  James joined us as a mature student having worked in other careers such as medical insurance and gardening services for many years. Having taken additional qualifications to fulfil his dream of becoming a student radiographer, James quickly settled into the course and was very popular with his peers and the staff.

James Robinson was a very likeable, sociable and interesting man.  He had excellent patient care skills and he would quite readily put an anxious patient at ease with a smile and a comforting hand on their shoulder.

James Robinson
James Robinson, the swing singer

James, also known affectionately by family and friends as ‘Stef’ was a very talented but modest man. It wasn’t until he had been on the programme for several months that we discovered that he was the most amazing swing/jazz singer.  He would regularly perform at weddings and had a fantastic singing voice.

If ever there were qualities that defined a true ‘family man’ then James had them all in abundance. He cared so much for his young family and sent a lovely email to the tutors with a photograph delighted to announce the arrival of his baby son.  He often spoke with great fondness of his family and close friends and how proud they were to see him starting a career that he genuinely loved.

James worked hard to achieve his aims and he is sadly missed by all of us at the University.  His cohort still speak of him with sadness but also privilege that our own lives have been briefly touched by this lovely man. We shall remember James for many things but most of all for coming to the front of the class after each and every lecture and seminar to say thank you to the tutors.  We are sure that it is with great pride that his family received this posthumous award.

Dr Fred Murphy, Programme Leader,

BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography  


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