Report from the European Congress of Radiology February-March 2018

The European Congress of Radiology  (ECR) was held in Vienna, Austria from 28th February until 4th March 2018. This years conference attracted around 25,000 participants, making it the second largest radiology conference in the world.

The ECR is of interest to physicists, radiographers, radiologists and a wide range of other health care professionals, including industry. As always the Directorate of Radiography at the University of Salford had a large presence, with contributions from BSc, MSc and PhD students as well as staff.


Figure 3
Dr Andrew England, Directorate of Radiography, University of Salford.


Figure 4
Dr Leslie Robinson,  Directorate of Radiography,   University of Salford.

The Directorate of Radiography first or co-authored 28 scientific posters and oral papers with friends and colleagues from U.K., Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, Portugal, South Africa, Brazil, Netherlands, Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Greece. They also launched their OPTIMAX 2018:




Figure 1
(Editors left to right: Annemieke Heij-Meijer; Carst Buissink (Netherlands) and Peter Hogg (Radiography/Salford))


This year two 2nd year BSc Diagnostic Radiography students (Lucinda Gray and Shaun Dorey) presented extracurricular research into smart glasses as a poster and oral presentation. The work was developed with Consultant Radiologist Dr Shofiq Al-Islam (Royal Blackburn Hospital), Helen Baxter (Tameside Hospital) and staff from the Directorate of Radiography at Salford.

Figure 2
Shaun and Lucinda present their research into smart glasses






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