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Successes and achievements of staff and students at University of Salford Diagnostic Radiography


X-Ray Specs

Art meets science when radiography and visual arts students collaborate

An old dog learns new tricks

John Robinson ex radiographer reflects on working as an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Salford Diagnostic Radiography

Optimax 2016 research training

By Rob Hogg-Thompson, University College London Being the son of one of the founding members of the OPTIMAX summer school, I’ve been to every edition since its birth in 2012. Until this year, I’d never been with the intention of taking part. Rather I went because my dad would have an apartment in a desirable…

Successful articles

Professor Peter Hogg reports on some publication successes Dr Randeep Kulshrestha is a Consultant Radiologist in Cairns; he is also a PhD student in the Centre for Health Sciences at the University of Salford. Until recently Randeep was a Consultant Radiology in Manchester (UK) and he emigrated to Australia with his wife and children. Together…

UPDATE: SCoR North West team award

STOP PRESS: Further to this blog…we won the UK overall prize! Bloomin’ marvelous. Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes. Exciting News for WoMMeN I was extremely excited last week when I opened my post. My wonderful WoMMeN team had been awarded the Society and College of Radiographers’ team of the year for the North…

Summer achievements

It’s been a little while since I have written a blog but we haven’t been standing still. Here are some of our achievements (personal and professional!) over the last few weeks: New Mummy Our research fellow Lucy Walton and her husband have been blessed with a baby girl. She weighed-in at 6lb 7oz and is…